Laserfun has brought state-of-the-art Virtual Reality to Cairns. Whether you want to slug it out with robots and zombies, experience the wonders of the world or explore the solar system, VR immerses you in the experience. Solve puzzles, swing swords, base jump off a building, stand on a cliff or be the superhero, it’s all in-your-face entertainment.


Games and experiences

Who needs words? Check out these trailers!

VR Conditions

Please note that bookings are essential and can be made below or by calling 4031 9865.

Pricing: $25 for 30 minute sessions. Selected sessions may be booked back to back to give 75 minutes for $50.

The VR experience is a single player experience available to people aged 12 years or older.  Players must be able to play the games unassisted.

Please note that the available titles may vary from time to time.