Zombie Star Wars - May the Fourth be with you!


Zombies!  Star Wars!  Speciality Lasertag Game modes! Cosplay prizes!  Ask for more, do you?



Zombies - putting the bite into Saturday Night:

Take on a horde of ZOMBIES as you and your team work together to survive! During the game you may encounter other teams of survivors. It's either you or them, so zap them to score points and let them know you're in it to win it. Be careful, a zombie might be lurking around the corner! If a zombie overpowers you with a flurry of shots or a well placed missile, you will be doomed to join the ranks of the undead.

The goal of the ZOMBIE TEAM is to spread their infection as fast as possible to convert more players onto their team. Zombies win if they can infect all the players in the game! Base-targets can offer one time cures for infection, but watch out because survivors can be infected for up to 45 secs before they show signs. So you never know when your closest ally might turn on you.

Space Marines - Join the Resistance:

Teams compete, with each player taking a specific Space Marines role from the four different types available. Each character class has different strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.

Players have unlimited lives and cannot be prematurely eliminated from the mission. Shots and missiles, however, are limited, and players must be regularly resupplied by the team ammunition carrier.

Roles and Special Abilities:

Commander - Nuke: All opponents are deactivated.
Heavy Weapons - Payback: Player is instantly reactivated.
Scout - Stealth: Player’s visible lights are deactivated making them hard to see.
Ammo Carrier - Resupply: Can resupply own team by zapping them while they are up.

Cosplay Competition

Best Cosplay (judged by voting on the night) will win:

Laserfun limited edition emblem membership card; and

110 Minute Virtual Reality session, valued at $90.



All the details:

When:  Saturday May the Fourth, 2019  6.00-9.00pm.

Price:  $25 for members for three solid hours of awesome fun!