League Rules

Game objective:

Team to score the most points by destroying opponent’s bases while defending their own. Bases must be tagged 3 consecutive times to destroy.


Have fun, play fair, be safe, respect players, guests and the centre, welcome and encourage new players, build team spirit.


  • Base destroy 500 points,
  • Stun opponent – 100 points,
  • Tag friendly – 200 points
  • ‘yellow’ termination – minus 1000 points,
  • ‘red’ termination – minus 2000 points.


Game settings:

  • Game time is 8 minutes
  • Players start in their own base
  • Cannot destroy your own coloured base
  • 3 second stun, 7 second deactivate
  • Unlimited lives and ammo

Referees, rulings & appeals:

All referee decisions are final. Player captains may register a concern over a referee’s decision, after a game, with coordinators or centre staff. Such registration is for prevention of future issues and clarification only. Referees can be asked to move during a game but are not required to do so. Referees should be addressed as “Referee” in game to avoid any confusion.


  • “Yellow” – general infringements of the rules.
  • “Red” – player, equipment, or maze abuse, unsporting behaviour, persistent abuse of general rules, or arguing with a referee.

Three (3) “red” terminations in a game will result in removal from the game, a score of zero recorded against the player, and possible removal from the league.


Players with faulty equipment should report this immediately. Replacement equipment will be obtained as quickly as possible. Points will not be awarded for lost time. A player who obtains a replacement pack cannot earn more than one base destroy for each opponent’s base. Players are not permitted to tamper with equipment. No electronic devices are permitted in the arena. This includes, but is not limited to, two-ways, portable lasers, and mobile phones. Players are not permitted to intentionally silence or mask the speakers.


Players are not permitted to touch the clear plastics on the pack or phaser. Players are not permitted to hold a position where any part of their body or clothing covers any part of their pack or phaser to gain an advantage. Sensors on the phaser may be covered as desired. Players cannot intentionally block shots at player packs or bases with their packs or bodies.

Base evacuation:

A base area is defined by fluorescent lines on the ground of the arena. Deactivated players must exit a base area and cannot enter a base area unless their pack is active. Deactivated players leaving a base must give way to an active player. Deactivated players leaving a base, who give way to an active player, and reactivate while still in the base must leave the base area before firing any shots.


Players are not permitted to run or jump. Players must do their best to maintain balance and control during the game. Players are not to use arena elements for support. Players are not permitted to bend their body at an angle more than 45 degrees from the flat surface of the arena. Kneeling on two knees, sitting, and laying down are not permitted. One metre clearance must be kept between players. Physical contact is not permitted. High heels and open-toed shoes are not permitted. Players must first look around a corner before their phaser travels around the same corner (no blind firing).