Finding Cairns' top lasertag player!

Like Lasertag? Pretty good at it? Want bragging rights as the best of the best?

Laserfun is looking to crown Cairns' top lasertag player. On a Saturday 23 March 2019 we welcome you to Frontline, a night of lasertag with the best that Cairns has to offer. At the end of the night, there will be one winner, Cairns' top player.

Entry is recommended for people who are ranked level 4 or above at any Laserforce venue worldwide.  Any players lower than level 4 will be logged into games at level 4 to maintain game balance.

Full details for the tournament including how the winner will emerge are below.

You can check your level and details on rankings at

Places are limited, bookings are essential.  Bookings can be made by calling us on 40319865, in person, or by email at email/bookings)(

Entry is $25.  Winner gets:  Bragging rights, our exclusive emblem membership card and a free 50 minute Virtual Reality session

How the tournament will work

Players will compete across a range of game modes, including: 

Stun, Stun, Deactivate





All players will play in all games, with their score accumulated over the course of the tournament.  Players' rankings on cumulative score will qualify them for a headstart in the final game, where the tournament winner will be determined.  Please note that past Frontline winners will not qualify for a headstart in the final match regardless of their cumulative score.

Note: Entries are capped at 60 players.  Players with memberships at other Laserforce venues will play at the level corresponding to their highest ranked membership, but will need a Laserfun membership to compete.