Laserfun's COVID-19 response

Update June 21 2020

The Australian Attractions industry COVID-Safe plan was approved by Queensland Health on 19 June 2020.

Laserfun will adopt this plan as the basis of its occupancy capacity.


UPDATE June 1 2020

Laserfun is committed to playing its part in the long-term sustainable suppression of COVID-19, while continuing to employ local people and provide the safest possible opportunity for people to engage in a fun activity.

Laserfun has made changes to the way we operate in this environment in order to minimise the risk of transmission and comply with Government requirements.  There is a whole raft of these, but the key changes are:

  • We will now offer Lasertag games in defined time sessions with player numbers and occupancy limited in accordance with the Pubic Health Directions.
  • There will be a window of time between sessions to allow for disinfection
  • Players will be allocated a Lasertag suit for a session, and there will no exchange of suits between players
  • All suits, tables, counters, door handles and arcade machines will be disinfected between sessions
  • Hand sanitiser and hand-washing facilities are available
  • We have a training programme in place for team members on hand washing and disinfection
  • We will reduce the volume of music playing in the main area to allow people to talk while standing or sitting further apart
  • A dedicated breifing arena with seating 1.5m apart has been established in the open main area
  • We have closed the lasermaze and Virtual Reality
  • We would prefer to minimise the amount of cash handling
  • While we welcome group bookings, we are unable to offer our usual party packages at this time.

We ask customers not to come if they are unwell or a contact of someone who is unwell or isolated.  In light of this, we have also put in place a flexible cancellation policy so that people who are unable to hold their planned event are not disadvantaged.  Laserfun reserves the right to refuse or withdraw admission to customers who are symptomatic. 

We have a spacious, clean, modern venue allowing for effective disinfection and social distancing.  Laserfun has a 340 square metres lasertag arena and an 840 square metres tenancy overall.

We hope to see you soon.